I have been suffering from pains in my legs for over three years and due to this amazing therapy, the pain has totally gone! I can't be more pleased with the results! I also felt a very heavy head, but now I have much more energy to play with my young children. Thank you so much!

Mr KallisPleased with the absence of leg pain

I suffered from digestive problems and after the tailored treatment and some recommended products, I've seen a vast improvement as I don't suffer from bloating as much as before. I have had other therapies before, but never got the same levels of results as cupping therapy.

JosephNo longer suffers from bloating

I decided to come for a session as I was suffering from high anxiety. It was a very professional service with plenty of helpful and great advice. I felt the results immediately and I'm now a lot better in terms of my anxiety.

NabHas found a way to deal with anxiety

I had a bad blood circulation in my legs which resulted in a skin infection across both my legs. After a very good night's sleep, I could already see the effects! My legs were less swollen and I was full of energy! Definitely recommend this treatment to everyone!

Peter SmithHad skin condition affecting his legs

I felt vibrant and full of energy, which is strange since I am anaemic, but the treatment allowed me to do more in my day-to-day activities!

HasanSeeked help with anaemia

Felt like a new person! Felt active, more alert and stronger! And I didn't crave any more cigarettes afterwards. Now I have stopped smoking due to the powerful detox treatment I had!

Mohammed HasnathNeeded help to stop smoking

I undertook treatment for my tight shoulder. I felt immediate relief after the session and the tension reduced significantly afterwards

AnonHad treatment for shoulder pain

I approached the clinic with tiredness and liver problems and left feeling refreshed and with lots of energy!

Mr. SarfrazWas always feeling tired and exhausted

The next day, I felt like a million pounds! I couldn't believe that I had no more aches and pains!

Rafakhat HussainSuffered with aches and pains all over his body

I felt much better after treatment. My back pain was significantly reduced and my varicose veins seemed smaller!

KadirNeeded help with varicose veins