Does the Wet Cupping procedure hurt?

Dry Cupping and Moving Cupping is a gentle yet effective way to relax. Although the Wet Cupping treatment involves making some very light scratches on your skin, the surgical-grade equipment used is designed to minimise pain in this procedure. In fact, most people don’t feel any pain whatsoever!

Your practitioner will be encouraging an interactive session with you to ensure a high level of comfort throughout the session. So if your comfort levels become low for any reason, simply tell your practitioner and they will do anything they can to increase your comfort levels again.

How long does it take to heal?

The time span is dependant on your daily typical toxin exposure. We advise you not to consume any red meats, dairy products, junk food and alcohol and to avoid any toxic chemicals such as cigarettes and narcotics for a brief period of 24 hours post-treatment. This is to ensure your body can concentrate on recuperation rather than trying to digest ‘difficult’ foods or to process other toxins through things like cigarettes.

So we recommend that you limit your toxin exposure so that you have a swift recovery.

Although the initial 24 hour period may be a little tender on the Wet Cupping points, the time scale to fully heal ranges from usually 5 days to about 14 days.

If you suffer from diabetes or you have skin which doesn’t usually heal very quickly, consider purchasing some of our local honey (which has amazing skin rejuvenation properties) or our coconut oil (which isn’t sticky like honey) and applying it topically on the scratches?

Will I scar?

In the Wet Cupping Therapy treatment, we strictly only use surgical-grade blades. These are designed to prevent scarring due to the narrow and light blades. This leaves scratches superficial and decreases the healing time significantly as opposed to using non-surgical-grade equipment. They are also designed to prevent a deep incision which again, allows the healing time to decrease significantly.

If it’s taking a little bit longer to heal than usual, apply some our local honey to the area before you go to bed every night until the scratches are not visible any more.

Can I operate heavy vehicles or carry on with normal activity after treatment?

A Moving Cupping Therapy treatment or Fixed Cupping Therapy treatment will allow you to comfortably continue your work immediately after treatment. Wet Cupping Therapy treatments may result in a slight uncomfortable feeling for a few hours, but will not make you drowsy.

However, we recommend that you rest immediately afterwards (especially after your first ever session) as you may feel quite tired after the treatment.

If you need to stay awake for a long period of time after your session, why not brew one of our special hibiscus flowers into a delicious tea instead of relying on caffeine?

You will benefit from an additional detox between sessions too!

How often should I have it done?

All cases are different, so this is why we include a free consultation no matter which treatment you wish to take.

Once you’ve filled in your medical history form and we’ve discussed your condition, we will be able to formulate a plan of treatment for you to fit your schedule. For example, if you had a big ceremony coming up (like a wedding) where plenty of people will be taking pictures of you and you wanted us to help clear spots from your skin, then let us know a timeframe so that we can recommend the best treatments and the best products.

What should I do in preparation for any Cupping procedure?

All we ask is that you do not eat anything 2 hours prior to treatment. However, you can hydrate yourself up to (and even during) the session.

It would be wise to have a good nutritious meal about 3 hours before treatment so that you can finish eating and have more than 2 hours for your body to process your foods.

Are there any self-care recommendations post-treatment?

In order to ensure a speedy recovery, we recommend the following:

Do not eat any red meats or dairy products for 24 hours as these foods take a lot of energy to aid digestion, when the energy should be used for recuperation instead. Also, stay away from any C.R.A.P. foods too, as these have a tendency to put a negative strain on your body.

Do not bathe for 24 hours post-treatment as it may be painful in the areas of wet cupping. A quick shower is allowed, however do not use any chemicals such as shampoo or conditioner for the first 24 hours so that we can limit the toxin absorption.

If you prefer not to shower (it may sting when water gets into the scratched areas), try wiping down your body with baby wipes and applying baby powder or talcum powder to those areas prone to sweating in replacement of your shower in this period of time.

Do not endure physical (or emotional) stress for the next 24 hours. Your body requires rest, and lots of it! If you really wanted to, you could use this session as an excuse to get out of washing the dishes or changing smelly nappies for a night; although when we talk about physical stress, we mean that you shouldn’t be working out at the gym, climbing mountains or engaging in intercourse.

For at least 2 hours post-treatment, keep yourself awake and spend the time having a good nutritious meal to help your body kick-start the healing process. The best thing to start off with would be a spoon of our delicious local honey mixed with a glass of warm (never boiling!) water. Then follow that with something high in fibre like a few fruits. Fibre has the amazing ability of latching onto stray toxins and escorting them straight out of the body.

Are there any other questions you'd like answered?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with whatever query you may have as we’d love to hear from you!