Trek to Cadair Idris


Behind the scenes, The Cupping Therapy has been building up a new way for you and your loved ones to move away from a sedentary lifestyle and into a more active lifestyle supported by many other like-minded individuals. We’re in the process of creating a public platform for anyone to join in and be a part of the fun.

Now, we are backdating and publicising our previous hikes – which started off with invititations only, so that we could try out a new model for our lovely clients.

November’s hike was for the slightly more advanced hikers amongst us. A tough 6 mile route, with a total ascent of over 3,200 ft. So we were cautious over who would join us on this trek. A total of 11 of us participated and we even managed to complete it before sunset. It did get cold at the top, with visible frost there – but we were fully prepared for that with extra layers coming out once we moved into the chilling temperatures.

Some participants who were new to hiking decided to turn back after a gruelling 2 hours of non-stop elevation just before we hit the cooler, frosty zone, which allowed the rest of the group to power on ahead quickly to finish the rest of the circular route. As we had many experienced hikers amongst us, we were able to split the group into two and assign leaders and first aid-trained people in the returning group.

As the numbers grow within our group (we had about 50 people in our Whatsapp group at this time), we’ve managed to attract some very avid hikers and athletes – which is great, as it means this grassroots initiative has sufficient leaders amongst us to keep the momentum going and to support those who were new to being active.

We also attracted some new hikers too – and that is what this initiative is about – getting people together so that we can all be active together.

We will be organising many more hikes every month in the coming years, with varying degrees of difficulties – but a lot of them would be suitable for families to bring their children too. Everyone is free to join in on the fun and adventures – but it is done at your own risk and cost. We will however, have first aid trained people along on future hikes, as well as a car-sharing and food-sharing scheme to make it just that little bit easier for you to join in.

For more information, why not join our Whatsapp group directly and ask away? Simply click on the following link:

NB: The Cupping Therapy is not a hiking/touring organisation and therefore accepts no responsibility for anyone who is injured or worse on these excursions. This is an initiative that we have opened for FREE to help encourage and support our clients primarily, however, we have opened it up for absolutely anyone to join as we always visit public places and the more people attend, the more encouraging it is for everyone.

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