Trek to Malvern Hills


Behind the scenes, The Cupping Therapy has been building up a new way for you and your loved ones to move away from a sedentary lifestyle and into a more active lifestyle supported by many other like-minded individuals. We’re in the process of creating a public platform for anyone to join in and be a part of the fun.

Now, we are backdating and publicising our previous hikes – which started off with invititations only, so that we could try out a new model for our lovely clients.

Our first ever hike as a large group under this new initiative was in Malvern Hills. It was supposed to be a nice, simple, easy first hike for just a select few of us. But our group grew pretty quickly once people heard that we were going to Malvern Hills AONB (and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). It turned out that for the 20 or so people that arrived, the weather wasn’t going to be on our side and it turned slightly wet and very cold for some of us.

This forced some of the younger kids to turn back with their parents so that they could enjoy the warmth of the restaurant that we had started at.

A little later, and another small group of children and parents turned around due to the slightly colder atmosphere. Next time, we shall be making sure that people understand layers and necessary equipment if they want to brave the cold for hours at a time.

Due to the excitement of our first hike, we somehow missed the summit and carried on walking to the end of Hills, and it was when we checked the map and realised that our mistake had added a couple of extra miles on our hike. So we made sure that we reached one of the Northern Peaks (End Hill – 328m) and then doubled back to head back to the car park, but this time taking a small diversion to make sure we hit the highest peak – Worcestershire Beacon (425m).

The extra few miles meant that we arrived back at the car park just as the sun was setting, so we still had sufficient light to guide us back safely.

We have a hiking tradition where we would all go out for a nice hot delicious meal afterwards so that we can share stories and get to know one another on a more personal level. And we ended up in Birmingham for that, which was a slight diversion.

It ended up being a long day, but a great start to a new beginning that will hopefully open up a lot of opportunities for all our future hiking participants.

If you would like to join in on future hikes, have a read of our new initiative here: and then join us on our informal Whatsapp group here:

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