Quick holiday time!

We’re on holiday for the next week!

Normally, we wouldn’t announce these things as we can always help you with advice wherever we are around the world or take bookings for when we come back.

However, on this occasion, our business phone has broken and we will have to wait for our return to the UK to get it fixed under warranty. For those who are interested, the connection to the screen has failed so although we can still receive emails and messages via WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, Messenger and Viber, we won’t be able to read them or reply until the screen has been fixed.

So until the end of the month, contact with us will be slightly restricted. For contact, please email us using: [email protected] so that we can respond as soon as we can.

Finally, we have an 8 hour time difference between us, so while you’re awake, we may be sleeping and vice versa. So please be patient with us until we can get everything fixed for you! But we will endeavour to reply to your lovely messages as soon as possible!


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