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Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which are known as healthy good fats. Trans and polyunsaturated fats are the fats you find mostly in processed and high calorie foods. Consuming trans and polyunsaturated fats put us at risk of heart, kidney and liver disease. The great thing about extra virgin olive oil is the presence of monounsaturated fats that are great for your health:

  • Decrease blood pressure – Various health studies recommend 4 tablespoons of olive oil a day to reduce blood pressure.
  • Controlling Blood Glucose Levels – The presence of monounsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil can help regulate blood glucose levels  and improve insulin sensitivity. The American Diabetes Association has shown that a mediterranean diet that is rich in extra virgin olive oil consumption can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by almost 50%.
  • Cooking with olive oil reduces the risk of obesity due to the presence of healthy fats and nutrients in the oil.
  • Prevents High Cholesterol – Studies have shown that consuming 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily can help lower high cholesterol.
  • Improve Skin and Hair Health – the silky texture of olive oil due to its natural antioxidant properties.
  • Great Antioxidant
  • Good for Heart Health
  • Improves the look and feel of skin



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