• Kills many disease-causing germs found in the mouth, particularly streptococcus bacteria
  • Treats wounds and inflammation of the gums
  • Effectively reduces sugar levels and has an anti-cancer effect
  • Removes plaque before it becomes hard and affects the tissues
  • Contains chloride and silica which increases the whiteness of teeth
  • Contains fluorine which strengthens gums and tannin and Vitamin A which strengthens the blood vessels of the gums
  • Prevents the invasion of bacteria into the bloodstream (septicaemia or blood poisoning)

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Tired of bleeding gums, bad breath or yellow teeth? You are the confident individual with a radiant personality once you can show off those stellar teeth!

Comes with a travel case so you can easily take it to your office for use at work! We recommend using this 5 times per day to keep your mouth clean and fresh throughout the day and night.

This is an age-old treatment for gum disease, bleeding gums and for general oral health. It has been also been used to prevent blood cancers from developing as bacteria easily enters your body via the largest orifice: your mouth.

For first use, simply soak the miswak in water for a night, then chew off 2cm of the bark from one end and discard this bark. Then chew the softer inner until it looks like a brush. Use this brush to gently brush your teeth and gums, paying special attention inbetween teeth. After a week or so, the bristles will start to wear away. Simply start the soaking and chewing process again, effectively making it a slightly shorter brush.

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